Youth Technopreneurship: Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Devt. Program 2020 Started

6 December 2019
2019-12-06 11:21

The annual Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2020 has invited the applications of the contestants for the 3rd edition as of 6th December.

The Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2020, which is the annual development program for young technopreneurs in Myanmar, has started its invitation for the applications of the contestants from 6th December 2019 to 24th January 2020. It was organized by Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF) and Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT). The program is aimed to solve the challenges on socio-business by the use of technology as well as to promote and support Myanmar young entrepreneurs in technological sector.

Chairman, MYTDP, Thaung Su Nyein said “More than a competition, it is a long-term program for young technopreneurs in Myanmar organized by MCF and MPT. So we invite the youths who are proficient and potential in technological sector. We will coach them about knowledge and experience of business management. They can implement their dreams and in other side, the techno-business is important because it is a potential business for the country. So we are organizing this kind of development program.”  

The program will be started the pre-selection event during the last week of January and 10 teams representing upper and lower Myanmar regions will be selected with the best submissions of business ideas for technology. The selected teams will undergo a weeklong boot camp for entrepreneurial business workshops and training.

Former Winner, Saw Le Ya Gaw said “The program gave us not only the award but also the mentorship to turn our ideas to real implementation. It would be hard to set up without knowing these experiences and strategies from experts and mentors. I want the youths to join the program with their excellent ideas. They will get the great chance to implement their ideas. And they will gain many experiences for a techno-business launching.”

There are three title awards and two honorable mentions for this year program. The winners will be awarded from 10 million kyats to 800,000 kyats and the award winners for Accelerated Technopreneurship and Startup Technopreneurship will be supported the registration opportunity to establish a company and workplace providing for 6 months.

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