Motorlogue: Two Motorcyclists Arrives Back In Yangon

1 December 2019
2019-12-01 14:30

After six months of travelling about 55,000-km around the world, two motorcyclists SaiZom Pha and AungKyaw Win arrived back in Yangon.

Their final touchdown at People’s Square which is the starting point of their incredible journey was proudly accomplished on Saturday evening. The motorbike adventure touring, the motorlogue began on 26th May of this year with a goal to reach the United Kingdom.

The two motorcyclists crossed the countries including Thailand, Laos, China, Mongolia, Russia and the other European countries. They then made their way back to Myanmar by travelling to east European countries, Iran, Pakistan and India. They passed through a total of 45 countries throughout their six months long journey.

Motorcyclist, Sai Zom Pha said “We have uncountable memories as we crossed over 46 countries including Myanmar. We will publish a book on our motorlogue. We’ve shared our stories on social media but it’s only not even one percent of the whole trip. And we have still left many records. The whole trip in twelve episodes will be aired on Channel 9 soon.”

Throughout the trip, they witnessed remarkable scenes, religions and cultures and met incredible people along the way. The trip wasn’t an easy feat, but with perseverance the two motorcyclists pushed through rocky roads, rough terrains and extreme climate conditions to achieve their life-long dream.

Motorcyclist, Sai Zom Pha said “Mongolia is the most challenging route for us because we had to ride through the terrains. And, most of its places are not developing yet and we can’t access to telecommunication services. We couldn’t get GPS and had to go with direction.”

Motorcyclist, Aung Kyaw Win said “Every country is awesome in its own way and we got lots of memories. We had seen hundreds of balloons in Cappadocia of Turkey. It’s hard to make a choice which one is the most exciting place as we got different feelings in each country. We faced uncountable challenges and difficulties but we didn’t give up our dream.”

In 1955, U Ba Toke and Daw Tin Tin Sein from Myanmar also went on an adventurous motorbike journey from Myanmar to London.

Motorcyclist, Sai Zom Pha said “Daw Tin Tin Sein might be the first biker from Asia for this kind of adventure. She gives us guidance and inspiration. Lots of discussions have done between us before we started this journey and even also made video calls with her along the journey. What we learnt is that the result is surely waiting behind every attempt. And we feel it frequently along the motorlogue.”

Motorlogue began their own expedition in hopes of honour to such a historical journey as well as to raise international awareness on Myanmar and especially inspiration to people for their achievement what they hope for life.

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