Knowledge Sharing Seminar: Awareness On Gender-Based Violence

28 June 2022
2022-06-28 14:27

Jointly organized by the Ministry of Social Welfare Relief and Resettlement and Ministry of Health, the awareness seminar on gender-based violence was held at No. 1 Basic Education High School in Mingaladon Township on Monday.

The seminar aims of getting knowledge on the types of violence and sharing do’s and don’ts.

Than Than Win, Deputy Director, Dept. of Social Welfare (North Yangon) said “Mostly, Women and children are victims of violence. We held this seminar at the school with the aim of getting knowledge for teenagers when they are facing with violence and how to solve it. We’d like to share knowledge about physical violence, emotional and psychological violence, sexual violence and economic violence. If the teenagers facing with violence at school or their home, they can request help to parents, dialing hotline and they can take counselling from our department for solving the problems.”

This is the first seminar held at the school in Mingaladon Township and it is very beneficial for the students, the Principal said.

NweNwe Win, Principal, B.E.H.S-1, Mingaladon Township said “There are more than 1700 students in our school. Among them, over 500 students are high school level ones. Such kind of seminar is very effective for high school level teenagers. As the students are the teenagers, their minds also flit. Most of the teenagers may have the behaviours to commit violence and quarrel depending on their parents and environs. So, we have to protect these conditions.”

A student attending the seminar said that they glad to participate in the seminar and they hope they will get the knowledge about violence.

LaminMaung, Grade-10, B.E.H.S-1, Mingaladon Township said “We gain widely the knowledge about types of violence. We’ll share knowledge on violence to our juniors, friends and other people.”

More than 100 students attended the seminar that was held as part of pre-activity of Myanmar Women’s Day which falls on 3rd July.


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