Steel Mill Project in Taunggyi: PM inspected No.2 Steel Mill (Pang Pet)

8 March 2023
2023-03-08 20:32

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visited No.2 Steel Mill (PangPet) nearPanNgo Village in Taunggyi Township on Wednesday.

Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than and Deputy Minister U Yin Maung Nyunt reported on resuming of the steel mill project in October 2021, futhur plans for operating of the project, technical inspection and progress of the project. 

Chairman of Myanmar Economic Corporation Lt-Gen Nyo Saw and Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation U Khin Maung Yi reported on work undertakings, inspection of the machinery at the workshops, repairing and installing of machinery that need to be replaced, the production volume of the steel mill and permitted amounts.

The Prime Minister said steel is the essential material for building a nation, and the steel production projects have to be carried out successfully. It could help to fulfill the local demand without importing the basic requirement of steel and steel products while also creating job opportunities for the locals.

He stressed the needs to supervise for exploiting natural resources and to use these resources only for the interest of the nation. He stressed the need to carry out the tasks systematically and effectively for long term sustainability.

He urged all to prioritize for systematic production by networking among the workshops. The Prime Minister later inspected the work processes of the workshops in the steel mill and coordinated the requirements.

The Prime Minister also provided cash assistance to the staff. No.2 Steel Mill (PangPet) is jointly implemented by Russia Tyazhpromexport (TPE) and Myanmar Economic Corporation in September 2006.

The Steel Mill was handed over to the Ministry of Industry in October 2012, and the construction works have been suspended temporarily in March 2017.

In October 2021, the State Administration Council Chairman visited the steel mill projects and instructed to resume the operation since there are huge demand of steel and steel products locally.

The project was resumed on 4th October and 19 out of 22 workshops have been operated as a test run so far.

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