30 September 2020
2020-09-30 16:02

Local entrepreneurs and fishermen in Taninthayi Region raised their concerns on the closure of Ranong fish market, Thailand as well as the price slumps during the COVID-19 period.

According to the Taninthayi Region Fisheries Federation, 95% of the fishes that capture along the Taninthayi coast have been traded at the Ranong fish market in Thailand.

The industry players also voiced out their worries as there are over 30,000 fishermen and the families, and over 100,000 people that depend on them in the region.

Secretary, Taninthayi Region Fisheries Federation, Thet Soe said "Nearly most of the captures from the offshore fishing vessels along the Taninthayi Coast was traded at the Ranong Fish market first.
Then it traded through the local market. Now the business is still continuing as we have demand in the market. But if Ranong fish market closed their business due to the COVID-19, then we might face a great difficulty to continue our businesses.
And as we don’t have many choices for the market, we got low prices compared than the other countries."

The Industry players also highlighted on the support of the government officials to grant more permission on the construction of cold storage factories in the region.

Secretary, Taninthayi Region Fisheries Federation, Thet Soe said "At Myeik township, there are over 1000 fishing vessels. We need more government support to strengthen the fishing industry.
We need the officials support and permission in building of cold storage factories and permission to open factories in the region for the efficient of the industry.
Only then, we can provide more job opportunities for the local people and the country will benefit for more taxes."

The Taninthayi coast in southern Myanmar is the longest of the country’s three coasts.
More than 1,000 fishing and carrier boats and over 30,000 fishermen operate off the Taninthayi coast, according to the Fishery Department.

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