Japan PM comments on 1st day of State of Emergency

8 January 2021
2021-01-08 14:08

A state of emergency went into effect on Friday in the Japanese capital of Tokyo as well as three nearby areas as coronavirus cases continue to surge. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga issued the declaration at the government task force for the coronavirus on Thursday. The state of emergency will last until Feb. 7, and centers around asking restaurants and bars to close at 8pm and people to stay home and not mix in crowds.

The declaration carries no penalties but it works as a strong request while Japan organizes to keep its economy going. Suga also said he wanted businesses to reduce the amount of people going into work by 70%. Shopping malls and schools will remain open and movie theaters, museums and other events will be asked to reduce attendance. Places that defy the request will be made known on a list, while those that comply will be eligible for aid, according to officials. Coronavirus cases hit a daily record of 2,447 in Tokyo on Thursday.

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