Social Protection: 2-Day Training For Social Workers In Nay Pyi Taw

14 January 2020
2020-01-14 15:54

Thai Legal and Case Management System Training for Social Workers took place in Nay Pyi Taw on 14th January.

The experts from International Justice for Mission Organization (IJM) of Thailand share the knowledge on legal and case management process relating to human trafficking.

The 2-day training aims to provide information needed for trafficked victims and to have their cooperation in legal and case management process.

Assistant Director, Trafficked Victims Protection Division (Department of Rehabilitation), Khine Su Lwin said “The officials from (IJM), the organization which assist the victims of human trafficking, will share knowledge on legal process of Thailand and the rights of victims during the legal process. The social workers will come to know about these process, and will explain these knowledge to the victims so that the victims will cooperate more in legal process. In this way, the effective action can be taken to those who committed trafficking, with the involvement of the victims as the main witness.”

Myanmar and Thailand has signed MoU on eradication the trafficking in person in 2009. According to this MoU, the two countries are cooperating in prevention, protection and prosecution. Bilateral case management meetings have been held twice a year and social workers from Myanmar are also sent to the Social Protection Centers in Thailand to have working level cooperation.

Assistant Director, Trafficked Victims Protection Division (Department of Rehabilitation), Khine Su Lwin said “The trainees will be stationed at the reception camps in Myanmar-Thai border. They will also have to visit to social protection centers under the Thai Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. So, they can share information to the victims, and also coordinate and cooperate with the officials from Thailand to assist in legal process and their rights. In this way, the trafficked victims will have their rights fully.”

Myanmar has enacted the Anti-Trafficking in Person Law in 2005, and the amendments were made to meet the changing situation, along with the drafting of by-laws.

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