Public Transportation: Yangon Water Bus Service has resumed

7 October 2022
2022-10-07 15:04

In order to reduce traffic congestion and smooth transportation for the public, the Yangon Water Bus service has launched for the public since 6th October 2017.

But now, along with the 5-year anniversary of its establishment, the operation has been resumed again on Thursday since it has been temporarily suspended during COVID-19 period.

Yangon Water Buses ran from Botahtaung to Insein jetties in the past. Currently, the water buses are about to run the initial route starting from the wharf where the passengers mostly ride.

CEO, Founder, Yangon Water Bus, Tint Tint Lwin said "First, it is about to leave from Sar Par Chaung Jetty where there are many workers and then Lan Thit Jetty. We’ve planned to expand the routes to Seikkyi Khanaungto, Botathaung and so on. But, the operations are targeted to run only with about 5 points near around Yangon. As the schedule aims for students and workers, the vessels are going to run round 6:00 am to 9:30 am in the morning and 4:30 pm in the evening."

Yangon Water Bus has planned to run sunset boat plus Twantay trip every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

CEO, Founder, Yangon Water Bus, Tint Tint Lwin said "There will be an hour to run for Sunset. For Twantay round-trip, it’ll take 4 hours. We’ve arranged 85 seats as usual in line with COVID-19 rules. Sunset trip is to start from 7th October, and tickets selling also starts on the weekends for Twantay trip. On the weekends, the sunset trip will be run again continuously. All trips will continue for Thadingyut holidays. "

The price is at 5,000 kyats per one for sunset trip and 18,000 kyats for Twantay trip which include sightseeing services. And regular routes will cost 500 kyats a person, it’s learnt.   

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