Marine Products Export: More than 3.9 million viss of marine products exported

25 November 2022
2022-11-25 14:39

Regarding the export sector, more than 3.9 million viss of marine products including shrimps, crabs and eels were exported from Laputta District of Ayeyawaddy Region to foreign countries during the period from April to the end of October 2022.

According to the official from the Department of Fishery, Hilsa fish has a strong demand among the types of fish produced in Laputta District.

Head, Department of Fishery (Laputta District), Wah Wah Thein , said " Till October, more than 1.2 million viss of fish, over 100,000 viss of prawn, over 1 million viss of crab, more than 200,000 viss of soft-shell crab, more than 80,000 viss of Hilsa, over 10,000 viss of eels, more than 20,000 viss of snails and more than 20,000 viss of salted fish were exported."

The Laputta District exports marine products only to the Yangon fish market for local consumption. For the marine products manufacturing and conservation of fish resources, no fishing areas and zones have been designated and educative programs have been conducted for fishermen.

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