Labour Dispute Resolution: Ministry of Labour holds workshop in Yangon

26 September 2022
2022-09-26 20:41

The Ministry of Labour on Monday held a workshop on labour dispute resolution at the UMFCCI in Yangon in line with the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

Union Minister Dr. Pwint San and many other officials attended the workshop. In his remarks, the Union Minister stressed how to effectively resolve employer and employee disputes in accordance with the law and achieve good decision results.

There is a need for initial discussion and negotiation within the workplace. If a dispute is related to interest and no settlement is reached after mediation in the Township Mediation Board, the decision must be taken by the arbitration panel and the arbitration council.

If there is a dispute related to rights, the relevant Departments must resolve it in accordance with existing labor laws. If there is a dispute between the employer and the employee, it is to receive systematic resolution in accordance with the law.

In resolving the dispute, the rights of workers need to be dealt with impartially without bias and mediation for the benefit of employer and employee must be made.

In this workshop, implementation in accordance with the laws imposed by the departments, the challenges encountered in the implementation, advantage and weaknesses were clarified and discussed.

Also, the representatives who attended the workshop were divided into 3 groups (3) to make discussions on the clarification.

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