Dengue Fever Awareness: Educative Talks For The Students Conducted

28 June 2022
2022-06-28 15:06

In Myanmar, July to August is peak season for transmission of dengue fever due to monsoon season.

The awareness talk and the activities of mosquito control to prevent dengue hemorrhagic fever were conducted at No.5 Basic Education High School in Mandalay on 24th June.

The activity aims for the children under 15 not to suffer from dengue fever. The relevant officials put abate, mosquito larvicide into the water tanks within school compound and conducted disinfectant sprayings in the school toilets.

Assistant Director, Public Health Department, Dr. Lin Lin Chit said “Firstly, we’ve started the activity in primary schools. Now, the activity is conducted in high schools. We conduct abate adding, checking cleanness, request the students to throw trashes systematically to control mosquitoes.”

Dengue is the one of the most common mosquito-borne viral infections. The infection is spread from one person to another through the bite of infectious mosquitoes. According to the WHO, the signs and symptoms of dengue are high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pains, server abdominal pain and so on.

It’s learnt that there is no specific treatment for dengue, community awareness for mosquito breeding control is the key fact and school principal also shared the students’ participation in the activities

NyoNyo Tin, Principal, No.5 B.E.H.S  said “Along with school health team, we’ve been conducting educative talks for the students in dengue season, plus practical exercises for larva control activities. Students also actively participate in practical works on larva control.”

Abate powders were given to the teachers to control larva breeding in the school water tanks and relevant health officials shared abate adding methods to the teachers. 

Likewise, dengue educative talk and painting contest on health were conducted at the basic education middle school in Chaungzon township of Mawlamyaing in Mon State on 23rd June.

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