Supporters of UK Labor leader Corbyn turn on media as Brexit deadline approaches

20 August 2019
2019-08-20 13:20

British Labor Party supporters jeered reporters on Monday as party leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke at an event in Corby, central England. Several reporters from national television stations were roundly booed by supporters when they questioned the opposition leader over doubts he would command enough support in parliament to form a government in the event of a Prime Minister Boris Johnson losing a vote of no confidence.

BRITISH LABOUR PARTY LEADER, JEREMY CORBYN said "...Our party is a very big party. It's a democratic party. We had a leadership election in 2015 and, rather surprisingly to everyone in the mainstream media, I was elected leader of the party and I'm very proud to have been elected leader. And I was elected leader again a year later, and I'm very, very proud to lead this party. I'm very proud to lead this party in the direction we're going - of opposing austerity, of ending inequality, of redistributing wealth and power in our society. And I'm very sure that everyone in the Labour party wants to see every Labour MP, and every opposition party leader and party members, and those dissident Tories, join me in the lobby on a motion of no confidence against this government to stop a no-deal Brexit. And I invite them to get on board and do it."

At the same event, Corbyn said he supported recalling parliament to deal with the Brexit crisis but sidestepped the questions about whether he would step down as leader as a means of prevention a no-deal exit from the European Union.

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