Special refresher course: A total of 548 trainees to attend for 5 weeks

20 November 2023
2023-11-20 15:15

The opening ceremony of special refresher course for basic education teachers (batch-73) was held at the Civil Service Academy (Upper Myanmar) in the morning on 20th November with the attendance of the member of Union Civil Service Board U Hsan Myint, rector of Civil Service Academy (Upper Myanmar), Deputy Director General of the department of basic education, pro-rectors and officials concerned.

At the ceremony, member of Union Civil Service Board U Hsan Myint said that the special refresher course is opened aiming at enhancing the competency of the basic education teachers and enabling to carry out the teaching works correctly in stability and sustainability in making efforts for the educated human resources development which is crucial in the implementation for the peace and stability and the sustainable development of a country and to nurture the educated human resources equipped with the five strengths.

And he called for the trainees to adhere the rules and regulations set by the university and make hard work to bring the pride of the Ministry of education and the related basic education school.

After cordially greeting the trainees, the opening ceremony was concluded. The special refresher course is attended by a total of 548 trainees including 153 male trainees and 395 female trainees for 5 weeks.


-- End --