School for the Deaf: Student enrollment period set from May 25 to June 10

21 May 2022
2022-05-21 13:50

As the Basic Education Schools for 2022-2023 Academic year will be reopened soon, and the school enrollment will be made from May 26th June 1st.

The School for the Deaf (Yangon) under the Department of Social Welfare also made arrangements for enrollment of students for the upcoming academic year. About 120 students will be accepted for Kindergarten (KG) to Grade-4 students.

Principal, School for the Deaf (Yangon), Department of Social Welfare, Thwe Thwe Aung said "There were about 120 students before pandemic and we will also accept about 120 students for 2022-2023 Academic year. There are 8 teachers in our school and we teach our students according to the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education using sign language, specialized teaching techniques and teaching aids."

The enrolment of students will be accepted from 25th May to 10th June from KG to Grade-4 classes this year, and plans are underway to extend the Grade-5 class next year.

Instructor, Department of Social Welfare, School for the Deaf (Yangon), Aung Kyaw Thet said "I teach Myanmar, English, Math, Science and Social subjects to Grade-2 students. Sometimes, I have to discuss with other teachers to provide some lessons which I find difficult to convey."

The school will only accept the enrolment of students whose age between 6 and 18 years.

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