Safe Arrival: Tatmadaw Escorted Volunteers Trapped In Kutkai

22 August 2019
2019-08-22 16:53

On Thursday, the 22nd of August, a group of foreigners trapped in Kutkai township of northern Shan State safely arrived back to Yangon via Lashio by the Tatmadaw aircrafts. 

In order to render assistance for Myanmar Education Promotion Programmes, 28-member group of Golden Love Foundation led by Mrs. Chou Wei Kuo have been  in Kutkai of northern Shan State, since 3rd August. Due to the destruction of roads and bridges by AA, TNLA and MNDAA armed groups, the traffic was hampered. While undertaking their tasks at various schools in Kutkai, a group of volunteres were trapped at KK Guest House of Kutkai since the 15th  of August.

Alison said “The situation  when we are staying in Kutkai is actually peaceful as we stay there. We feel pretty safe. We only heard some noise of bombing from above but we didn’t see any conflicts. The military helped to take us here. We feel very grateful that they are able to help us in this very difficult situation.”

Chen said “Actually we took a plane. I actually thank you for your help and very appreciate it and without you, we cannot go back to Yangon.”

Yuri said “They used a helicopter, sent us to Lashio airport and then they use the airplane as well to send us to this airport. We contact the embassy of China and they helped us a lot, they helped us to contact and also thank you very much for the guest house we are staying so far.”

Director, Hotels & Tourism Department, Yangon Region, Naing Win said “Today, the representatives from Myanmar Hoteliers Association and Myanmar Tourism Federation came here to provide support and assistance for foreigners who have come just come back from Lashio. We prepared hotel accommodation and transportation for them if necessary.”

On Thursday morning at 10:30, a group of volunteers were escorted from Kut Kai to Lashio by helicopter. They safely arrived back to Yangon at 1:30 pm by Tatmadaw air craft. 

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