Regional tourism development: Shan State CM inspected Keuntung waterfall

19 February 2023
2023-02-19 15:18

Shan State Chief Minister U Aung Zaw Aye, Triangle regional military command commander Major General Ni Lin Aung, State Ministers, Advocate General of the State and the departmental officials inspected Keuntung waterfall and Thit Ta Pin Hill in the morning on 18th February for the development of the tourism sector and to create job opportunities for the residents in Kengtung Township. And then, the Chief Minister and party provided medicines to the residents.

After that, the Chief Minister and officials inspected Nursing Training School and meets the trainees and provided cash assistance.

Later, the Chief Minister and party visited Kengtung General Hospital and met with medical personnel and provided necessaries to the patients who are receiving medical treatments at the hospital. Then, the Chief Minister and officials also provided cash assistance and nutrient food to the medical personnel.

-- End --