Reflector Attaching: RTAD Enforced To Attach Reflectors At Vehicles

11 September 2019
2019-09-11 10:39

Starting from this month, Road Transport Administration Department is attaching new vehicle safety reflective stickers to the license renewal vehicles. 

The process mainly aims to reduce traffic accidents. Various types of vehicles are grouped into 5 main categories to attach new stickers. Type A – vehicles with loading capacity of above1 ton such as Vans, light trucks, trucks used in farming, cargo trucks, and trailers; Type – B vehicles of 1 ton and below such as vans, light trucks, trucks used in farming and pickup trucks; Type C – mirco bus, mini bus, passenger buses and trucks; Type D – three-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles and Htaw Lar-G, and Type E – motorcycles.

Director, Road Transport Administration Department, Lian Cin Mang said “The use of reflector stickers can reduce traffic accidents especially in the night time. It lets the driver from the car behind knows that there is a car in front. Reflector stickers need to at their best quality.”

1 sticker must be attached to Type A, B and E and it is a pair of 2 stickers for Type C and D. The stickers cost 6000 kyats for Types A, 3000 for Type B, 7000 for Type C, 1000 for Type C and 500 for Type D.

Director, Road Transport Administration Department, Lian Cin Mang said “It’s mainly focused the commercial vehicles, Saloons and family vehicles are not yet included as they have built-in reflective stickers. We will attach the new stickers when drivers come to Road Transport Administration Department for license renewal and vehicle inspection processes.”

Currently, new reflector stickers are being attached to about 500 vehicles daily. Although there is no exact deadline set to attach new stickers, it is stated in 1989 motor vehicle law that 30,000 kyats penalty can be applied to those who don’t attach reflector stickers.

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