Police make arrests as right-wing, anti-fascist groups rally in Portland

18 August 2019
2019-08-18 12:38

Police in Portland, Oregon arrested at least 13 people on Saturday as a right-wing group marched to a downtown waterfront park and anti-fascist counter-protesters scuffled with officers who tried to keep the two sides apart. A rally by hundreds of supporters of the right-wing Proud Boys organization was met by a similar number of "antifa" opponents - clashes broke out between both sides and between antifa and police as the gathering wrapped up. Portland police estimated 1200 activists showed up for the rallies and at least 13 people were arrested.

Police said they seized weapons from multiple groups. Right-wing and anti-fascist factions have clashed in Portland several times in recent months, including a rally that turned violent in July last year. Hours ahead of Saturday's demonstrations, U.S. President said consideration was being given to designating antifa as a terrorist organization.

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