Oscars designer talks about how music will take center stage on the show

7 February 2020
2020-02-07 12:06

The Oscars this year will prominently feature music in its live telecast, the production designer of the show Jason Sherwood told Reuters on Wednesday. The stage will have a different design this year with a sculptural swirl coming out into the audience.

OSCARS PRODUCTION DESIGNER, JASON SHERWOOD said  "I can say that the show is going to start in a really, really exciting way. I can't say exactly what it's going to be. I think something that's really unique to this year's show is how much music is going to be on the telecast, which we're presenting all five nominated songs, which it doesn't always happen....In my design this year and sort of our vision of the show is that the whole thing sort of thrusts towards the audience in a really unique way. There is no proscenium frame. There's a large sculptural element that swoops out over the audience, that includes the audience, that is dimensional on camera and I think a big goal was to sort of subvert that visual expectation and take something that's been traditional on the show and sort of remove it but hold onto the DNA of what makes the Academy Awards the Oscars.""

The results of the design will be there for the world to see when the telecast goes live on February 9.

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