No.2 Steel Mill (Pin Pet): Aim at fulfilling domestic steel requirement

25 January 2023
2023-01-25 12:47

The No.2 Steel Mill (Pin Pet) project is being implemented in PinPet region of Taunggyi Township, Shan State with the aims of domestically manufacturing steel which is a major requirement for the industries and construction works, reducing import and saving expense of foreign currency.

The test run for workshops of No.2 Steel Mill (Pin Pet) project was conducted for 72 hours without computer control system with the technical assistance of Russian experts in October 2016.

When factories were temporarily suspended, the operations stopped for over 4 years.

Earlier, the evaluation of machines’ capacity was the first priority. The closure of factories wreaked havoc on interactions in participatory workshops in automated systems. For now, fruitful results in computer control systems, device updates and connection activities are seen with the efforts of Myanmar’s experts.

Of 22 metal casting sub-workshops, 19 including the iron smelting workshop of the No 2 Steel Factory (Pinpet), the main producer of pig iron from smelting iron ore, have achieved trial tests to run without load.

Efforts are being exerted to test and operate the remaining three sub-workshops in cooperation with experts from Russia, Myanmar and factory staff so that the production will be simultaneously done with the other 19 workshops, the Ministry of Industry stated.

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