New Year Festival: 28th Collective New Year Festival of Lahu People

25 January 2023
2023-01-25 16:19

The 28th Collective New Year Festival of Mong Sat-Keng Tung “Lahu” nationals for 2023 was held at the “Lahu” ethnic traditional field in Mong Sat on Wednesday.

The traditional festival was opened by Shan State Chief Minister DrKyawTun, the Commander of Triangle Region Command and the Shan State Minister for Ethnic Affairs and officials. In the new year greetings, Shan State Chief Minister DrKyawTun said that Lahu nationals reside in the respective townships and villages of Myanmar and according to 2014 census, there are about 250,000 population.

Although there are 35 Lahu ethnic tribes and they believe in Christian, Buddhism and spiritualism depending on places where they are living. There are 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar and Lahu ethnic people have own culture, literature, tradition and customs.Lahu nationals have also held the new year feast and new year festival grandly as a tradition like other ethnic tribes. Later, Commander of Triangle Region Command Maj-Gen Ni Lin Aung extended new year greetings and an official explained about the new year history.

The Shan State Chief Minister presented 10 million kyats provided by the Shan State Government for the Lahu Literature and Culture Troupe. The State Minister for Ethnic Affairs presented honoraria to 32 students from Mong Sat and 23 students from Mong Ton who passed the matriculation examination, individually.

Later, the State Chief Minister, the Commander, the State Ministers and officials performed hand washing ceremony and presented commemorative gifts as the new year celebration. The ethnic traditional cultural troupes performed entertainments. After the group photo session, the Chief Minister and party then viewed around Lahu ethnic cultural booths.

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