New Rural Tourism Site: Taungthaman Resort being implemented in Mandalay

25 January 2023
2023-01-25 13:20

Taungthaman Thitsar Resort near U-Bein Bridge is being implemented at the Amarapura Township in Mandalay region.  The project is implemented with the aim to relax and can buy local products while the local and foreign visitors are making tour around the Mandalay region. The buildings and designs of the resort are based on the ancient Inwa era.

Thein Oo, Project Director, Taungthaman Thitsar, said " Taungthaman Lake and U-Bein Bridge have been situated since Inwa era and the visitors use to visit to there while they come to Mandalay.  So, the rural tourism project is implemented not only for locals and foreign visitors to enjoy the view of Taung Tha Man Lake and U-Bein Bridge while relaxing at the resort."

This rural tourism project will provide the services of the international hotels, shopping centers, building where can hold ASEAN meetings, housing, restaurants and so on.

Soe Win Aung, General Manager, Taungthaman Rural Tourism Resort, said " The resort is located at the east of the Taungthaman Lake and southeast of the U-Bein Bridge. Previously, the places around the lake and bridge were full of waste although Taungthaman Lake and U-Bein Bridge are one of the landmarks and heritage site of Myanmar. That’s why, the project is implemented under the instruction of the related officials with the aim for continuous preserving the heritage of the country."

By implementing Taungthaman Thitsar Resort, it can create more job opportunities for locals and can get foreign income, it’s reported.

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