NDMC Report: Floods And Landslides In Myanmar

20 August 2019
2019-08-20 09:41

The National Disaster Management Committee (NDMC) issued update report on the situation of floods and landslides in Myanmar as of 16th August, according to the Department of Disaster Management.

The report said that the massive floods and landslides triggered by heavy rainfalls have occurred in 12 out of 14 States and Regions and one Union territory since 15th June of this year. Due to massive floods and landslide, approximately a total of 0.2 million people were affected while 201,133 people from 43,759 households were evacuated to 400 evacuation sites in affected areas. The total death tolls were 82 and 49 were injured.

Out of 12 flood affected States and Regions, Mon State was the most devastated with 73 deaths, 48 injured and 42,354 people from 9,927 households were evacuated to 136 evacuation sites.

Significantly, the massive landslide at the Ma Lat mountain in Paung Township was the worst in Mon State as it caused 69 deaths and 47 injured.

Search and rescue activities were immediately undertaken by Tatmadaw, Fire Services Department, local government bodies and CSO in affected States and Regions including Ma Lat mountain landslides area in Paung Township.

As of 16th August, Department of Disaster Management under the Ministry of Social Welfare, relief and Resettlement provided the relief items and humanitarian assistances amounted about 404.6 million kyats for the disaster-affected people in Regions and States and received approximated amount of 105.7 million kyats donated for the survivals of current flood and landslides.

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