Meeting On Youth Affairs: MoSYA Union Minister Met With Personnel From DYA

22 September 2022
2022-09-22 10:19

Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs U Min Thein Zan held a meeting with the officers and staff of the department of youth affairs at the meeting hall of the department in Wunna Theiddi Stadium, Nay Pyi Taw in the morning on 21st September.
In his remark at the meeting, the union minister said that the youth affairs are being carried out by the deputy minister Dr. Soe Win and officials and staff members of the department of youth affairs, all service personnel are the public servants and need to be loyal to the country and people in serving the state duties with self-attitude, sense of obligation and passion.
It’s needed to study the technologies developed in the line with the time especially to read the books broaden the horizon and related to the affairs of the youth. As the duties of the personnel need to communicate with the international organizations, language proficiency, international experience should be fulfilled to serve the more responsibilities etc.
In his remark, the deputy minister Dr. Soe Win pointed out to put more efforts to be able to implement the tasks on youth affairs in double fold for the comprehensive development of the youth. Next, the director general U Ne Win clarified the ongoing tasks and plans to be carried out with the power point presentation and the union minister coordinated necessaries.

-- End --