Medical Students’ Festival: Event At University Of Medicine-2 Till August 16

14 August 2019
2019-08-14 16:55

The first ever students’ festival 2019 organized by University of Medicine-2 (UM-2) Students’ Union kicked off at its place in Yangon on Wednesday.

The 3-day festival is to enhance medical education and to encourage profession with the availability of leadership skills and communication skills among the students.

Organizer, Students’ Union (University of Medicine-2), Su Hnin Htike said “This is for the first to final year students from medical-related universities. Most of the students are busy with their lessons. So, we want to give them a fun time relating to education in order to reduce their stress.”

As part of the festival, debate competition was held on the first day under the topic of “sufficient medicine counts rather than sufficient physicians at public hospitals”.

Organizer, Students’ Union (University of Medicine-2), Su Hnin Htike said “We invited 6 medical-related universities UM-1, UM-2, University of Dental Medicine, University of Nursing, University of Medical Technology and University of Pharmacy for debate competition. We made round competitions for 6 groups in advance. From there, 4 groups were turned out for this semifinal competition.

Final competition on the 15th of August will be between the 2 selected groups from the semi-final.  This students’ festival 2019 at the University of Medicine-2 is set to run till the 16th of August with Anatomy Quiz Show, Debate, Role Play Performance and Awarding Ceremony.

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