Livestock Sector of Sagaing : Commercial pig breeding farm supports food sufficiency

19 September 2023
2023-09-19 13:00

Aiming for the development of livestock production in Sagaing Region, over 7,000 of pigs are being raised at the Model CP pig-raising Farm of Sagaing.


District Staff Officer ,Dr. Win Soe ,Livestock Breeding & Veterinary Department said " In this farm, pigs are being raised by using evaporative cooling system since bio security is crucial for livestock breeding processes. Besides, it can create more job opportunities for locals. In addition, practicing this system can improve farming skills of the employees and they can gain more knowledge of pig farming. Moreover, engaging this kind of livestock breeding farms across the country could help support for the development of meat sector in the region and also for the country."

 It is needed to choose good quality species of pigs and if piglets were raised systematically starting from the age of 45-day, they can be sold at the markets after 4 months.

Likewise, systematic breeding of pigs such as raising good species piglets, feeding the right food and giving vaccines can give required weight of pigs in a short time.

District Staff Officer ,Dr. Win Soe, Livestock Breeding & Veterinary Department said " At present, the government is making efforts for the development of agriculture and livestock industry of the country. I would like to urge all locals and related private sectors from other regions and states to run livestock business systematically at their respective places. And, our department is always stand by for providing of animal health care services and technology assistance."  

This CP pigs-raising model farm is the biggest commercial pig breeding farms across Sagaing Region, and with the use of modern breeding technique, the farm support for food security of the country.

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