Inspection Tour in Puta-O: SAC member inspects agriculture & livestock breeding

19 September 2023
2023-09-19 19:32

Member of the State Administration Council Daw Dwe Bu who is currently in Puta-O for regional development and local food sufficiency of Puta-O region in the northern most part of Myanmar together with Kachin State Chief Minister U Khet Htein Nan and officials inspected agriculture and livestock breeding tasks in villages of Machan Baw Township and met locals on Monday.

First, the SAC member and the state chief minister looked into selling of fish, meats and basic foodstuff at reasonable prices at the welfare market in Myoma ward of Puta-O and cordially conversed with sellers and buyers. The SAC member stressed on arrangements for systematic selling and provided basic foodstuff for departmental organizations.

From there, the SAC member and party paid homage to ancient historic Kaung Hmu Lon pagoda in Machan Baw township and signed distinguished visitors’ book and donated cash for all round renovation of the pagoda.

They then attended stake driving ceremony of construction of 108 Dragon Zedis in the compound of Kaung Hmu Lon Pagoda on the bank of Mali Kha River and paid homage to sayadaws and monks led by Wuntho monastery Sayadaw and donated offertories.

After that, the SAC member led by Sayadaws drove stakes at the designated places to be built 108 Dragon Zedis.

At the proposed site for the construction of fingering breeding camp in Nam Kham village of Machan Baw township, the SAC member and the state chief minister coordinated with the township administrative members and the Fisheries Department to dig fish ponds in addition to hatchery camps in line with the law and to operate systematic breeding and inspected digging fish ponds and cordially greeted town elders and fish breeders in the village.

They then looked into the success of fish farming of a local breeder with the State Economic Promotion Fund in the village and thriving monsoon paddy cultivation and provided cash assistance.

On arrival at the Basic Education Affiliated High School (Nam Kham), they looked into thriving of grapefruit and lemon plants grown by students with the aim to practice good habits for  the students for the environmental conservation and viewed students learning.

From there, they visited seed production model field in Inbuu Baut village and cordially greeted local farmers and presented urea fertilizers for monsoon paddy farmers. They then observed demonstration of natural fertilizer making process to educate farmers and scattering of natural fertilizers in the Hsin Akari-3 high yield monsoon paddy model field. They then proceeded to grapefruit farm of a local grower with the State Economic Promotion Fund in the village and inspected thriving grapefruit and lemon plants and coordinated essentials and provided cash assistance.

The SAC member and party then arrived at Gubar guest house in Machan Baw and accepted the gifts of local Jingphaw, Rawang and Lishu ethnic tribes given by paying respects and made blessings.

At the Gubar hall in Machan Baw, the SAC member met township administrative bodies, departmental officials, Ethnic Literature and Cultural Associations, ward/village administrators, social organizations, growers and breeders and local residents.

At the meeting, the SAC member stressed on measures on development of the state, food sufficiency, encouraging MSME development, producing qualified youths, ensuring internal peace, law enforcement and peace and stability and cooperation for holding a genuine, disciplined flourishing multi-party democratic election that is the political goal of the State.

The locals reported on extension of football ground and Futsal ground in Machan Baw Township and matters related to education, transportation, agriculture and livestock sectors. After that, the state chief minister supplemented the needs on food sufficiency in Puta-O district, development with tourism, providing capitals with state economic promotion fund and work plans.

The SAC member said that emphasis will be made to have smooth transportation access to the regions where the transportation is in difficulty and coordinated the needs.

The SAC member and the state chief minister then inspected achieving of fish farming with the state economic promotion fund at No.3 ward in Machan Baw and fulfilled the needs.

-- End --