Education Sector: Matriculation Exam Marks Released Since June 21

28 June 2022
2022-06-28 13:00

The 2021-2022 academic year matriculation examination marks have been released since the 21st of June. In Yangon, at the Department of Myanmar Examination in No. 12 ward on Parami Road in Hlaing Township. The Department has been releasing the matriculation exam marks from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Assistant Director, Department of Myanmar Examination, Yangon, Dr. Thein Zan said “We release the marks list – there’s no date limitation. The students from other states and regions come early in the morning. We set the time till 2:00 pm in the evening because we have to do bank-related matter after 2 pm. But, we release the marks list for the students who come from other states and regions till after 2 pm.” 

The Department has been working on the mark list releasing process in line with the COVID-19 prevention guidelines. There, there are 3 counters for students to collect forms and the mark list is released without any delay.

This Department of Myanmar Examination is releasing the 2021-2022 academic year matriculation examination marks list not only for those who passed the exam but also for those who failed.


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