Diamond Jubilee Celebration: 75th Anniversary of Myanmar National Airlines

16 September 2023
2023-09-16 21:25

The 75th-anniversary Diamond Jubilee celebration of Myanmar National Airlines (MNA), under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, was held in Yangon on Saturday.

Chairman of the State Administration Council, Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing attended the ceremony and delivered a congratulatory speech, highlighting the vital role of the aviation sector in building a modern and developed nation. He emphasized MNA's longstanding commitment to serving the interests of the nation and its people across successive eras.

Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing stressed the need for MNA to continue striving for success as an airline that provides aviation services to neighboring and regional countries while efficiently transporting essential goods related to health, social, education, and economic affairs to remote areas of the country in a short period of time.

He noted the resurgence of commercial air travel post-COVID-19 and the importance of conducting market research to adjust flight schedules based on passenger and cargo demand. Accurate flight timing was also highlighted as a crucial aspect of meeting passengers' expectations for timely and convenient connections. By providing the best services to passengers, MNA can gain trust and confidence from travelers.

The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation to all former and current staff members who contributed to the success of MNA's services over the years and called for continued collective efforts to achieve more success in the future.

Following his speech, a member of the State Administration Council, Deputy Prime Minister and Union Minister for Transport and Communications, General Mya Tun Oo, provided an overview of MNA's transformation process, services, and future plans.

The MNA Management Committee Chairman expressed gratitude for the government's support in developing the aviation sector. The celebration program included entertainment, featuring performances by MNA airhosts and air hostesses showcasing the airline's uniform fashion over four different periods.

Additionally, a commemorative video clip was screened, and the Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra performed. After the entertainment programs, the Prime Minister presented honorary flower baskets to the artists and visited booths set up in commemoration of the 75th-anniversary Diamond Jubilee of Myanmar National Airlines.

Myanmar National Airlines, originally founded as Union of Burma Airways (UBA) on September 15, 1945, alongside the country's Independence, has undergone several name changes, becoming Burma Airways Corporation (BAC) in 1972, Myanma Airways (MA) in 1989, and finally Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) in 2015. Presently, MNA offers scheduled flight services to Thailand, Singapore, China, Korea, and India, along with charter flight services for pilgrim trips to Bodh Gaya. Plans are also in progress to operate cargo flights in regional countries.

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