Devt. In Rakhine State: India-Myanmar Friendship Project In Maung Taw Township

12 July 2019
2019-07-12 14:38

The governments of Myanmar and India signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2017 to support a total of 25 million USD to Myanmar for five years with 5 million USD per year to assist resettlement and development measures for the returnees in Rakhine State. 

Under Rakhine State Development Project (RSDP), the pilot project for the first year, a total of 250 housing units were constructed for displaced persons in Shwe Zar Village, Kyein Char Taung village and Nant Thar Taung village in Maung Taw township of Northern Rakhine State.

In accordance with the MOU, Myanmar and India are collaborating to implement 22 development projects, covering the broad range of areas such as health, education, agriculture, electricity distribution, livestock breeding, rural transportation and water and sanitation.

Ambassador, India Embassy in Myanmar, H.E. Saurabh Kumar said “So, this is the first project we have completed 250 houses in of which 148 are in Shwezar village in here, the remaining are in two other villages. So, we are very happy that first job have been completed under the agreement and we look forward to do more projects in collaboration with the government of Myanmar, government of Rakhine State for the socio economic development of Rakhine State. We think that it is very important.”

This is the positive support and development assistance from India and it encourages the efforts of Myanmar government in developing readiness for repatriation and creating a conductive environment for returnees, said the UEHRD advisor. 

Advisor, UEHRD Committee Chairperson, Toe Aung said “UEHRD established in 2017 leading by the Government in cooperation with UN agencies, publics and non-profits organizations for the humanitarian assistance, resettlement and  development in Rakhine state. This project is conducted cooperation with India and Myanmar governments. We have more another 34 projects with UNHCR and UNDP in Rakhine state.”

The housing units were built for resistance of quake, cyclonic storm, fire and water proof to accommodate 4 to 5 family members. A total cost for construction of these housing units is approximately 3. 67 million USD.

Zarmali @ Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing said “I am now staying in No.4 rescue camp in MaungTaw Township. In 2017 conflict, we are facing a lot of challenges and our houses are destroyed during the conflict. Firstly, we fled to MaungTaw and moved to Sittway and then moved again to Maungtaw township rescue camp. I am very glad receive this house with the arrangement of the responsible officials. I would like to request to the government, to get more security guard, drinking water and electricity in this area. We will move very soon here.”

Rawdin Daw  said “I lived in Ward-3 in Maungtaw Township Rescue camp. We got foods and utensils with the support of the NOGs, INGOs and government but, later we have received no assistance. I am very glad to receive the house by the donation of the India government. I am now working in houses as a house maid so I want to get job.”

DawNanZaw said “After the conflict, I fled with my family to Maungdaw and stay in Rescue camp. We got some ration but we have not got any other assistant for foods. I am very glad to get the new house. I want to request to build smooth road and drinking water access in this housing area.”

MarLoti said “I have three children and staying in rescue camp. My house destroyed by the ARSA attack so we moved to Maungtaw. I am very happy to receive the house. I have no job and please create job for us.”

During the five years project, India government has planned more than 700 houses for Phrase II project donation in Rakhine State.

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