December Sports Activities: Collective mass walk in Nay Pyi Taw

2 December 2023
2023-12-02 20:43

2023 collective mass walk commemorating the December Sports activities was conducted at Wunna Theikdhi Stadium in Nay Pyi Taw on Saturday, intending to achieve health and fitness coverage on a national scale and uplift Myanmar’s sport standards.

About 4,000 people including Members of the State Administration Council Daw Dwe Bu, Dr. Ba Shwe and U Shwe Kyein, Union-level personnel, Union Ministers, Deputy Ministers, departmental officials and staff and their family members, joined happily in the event.

2023 December collective mass walk was inaugurated with ceremonial firing of gun by Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs U Min Thein Zan. The participants walked from Wunna Theikdhi Stadium Gate No. (1), heading to Gate (A) along the designated routes and performed collective physical fitness exercises part (1) and (2).

The officials from the Department of Sports and Physical Education provided water bottles and nutritional snacks to the participants. The mass walk is set to be held every Saturday in December with the active participation of Members of the State Administration Council, ministerial staff and their family members.

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