Bago Hanthawaddy Night Market: 80-stall market bustling with life at night

24 November 2022
2022-11-24 14:13

Nearly one-year-old Bago Hanthawaddy Night market with nearly 80 stalls has been bustling with life.
There were around only 40 stalls in the Night Market at the start and now, the number of stalls has risen up to nearly 80. Concerned officials have been systematically supervising the night market for food lovers to get access to safe and healthy food.
Deputy Head Officer, Bago Township Development Committee, Thein Myint Shwe, said " Sellers at the night market have to obey the disciplines we set. Only motorbikes are allowed to enter the night market area but vehicles are not – there’s a parking area near here. We’ve been trying our best to make visitors enjoy this night market. We place rubbish bins for the night market-goers. When it’s closed, MJT company carries out cleaning-up in the market area.
After the night market is closed, 7 groups of sanitation workers from the company clean the market not to have any garbage on the street in the morning."
Most of the sellers here operate out of temporary carts or containers and the site seems very clean.
Myint Moe, Seller, said " I started to sell here since the night market has been opened. I want all the stalls to be clear, neat and tidy. Now, the market has become popular online. It can attract even those from different states and regions."
Tin Tin Win/Khin Mar Aye , Visitors, said " The night market is fine and crowded. The visitors can have various kinds of food in one place. We come here one day after another."
Lae Lae Win, Seller, said " Visitors can find all kinds of food in one place here at this night market. The market is arranged systematically, so it attracts a large number of visitors. "
This Bago Hanthawaddy Night market is located in the 1,300 feet long and 40 feet wide area in Shinsawpu ward, it’s on from 4 PM until around 9 PM.

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