Agriculture and Livestock: MOALI Union Minister tours in Nanning, China

19 September 2023
2023-09-19 21:36

Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Min Naung arrived back to Myanmar on Monday after attending the Import and Export Food Safety Cooperation Conference for the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) held in Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China.

During their stay in Nanning City, the Union Minister visited Royal Group Milk and Dairy Products Co,. Ltd where officials explained the research and development progresses, production of milk and dairy products and export procedures.

At the subsequent meeting, the officials explained the process of conducting research works, the production of pure bred and distribution to the markets in China and neighboring countries. Then, the Union Minister also discussed that the Ministry is encouraging the development of dairy cattle breeding and it will be a mutually beneficial business with the China’s investment.

In the afternoon, the delegation proceeded to the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and viewed around the test plots that have been cultivated by means of tissue culture, research works and high-quality hybrid species.

At the research center of Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Union Minister discussed about the enhancement of research cooperation between the Department of Agricultural Research and the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Research, the extension of the term of the Memorandum of Understanding, exchange of seeds and genetic resources and the cooperation in production of hybrid seeds as well as the prospects of building deeper cooperation in the future.

In the morning of 18th September, the Union Minister viewed around the 137-acre dairy farm of Shaighai Pengxin Group, met with the responsible officials and invited the foreign investors for cattle breeding in Myanmar. During the study tour in Nanning City, the Union Minister met with the investors, and discussed investment procedures and the business-related matters for the benefit of both countries.

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