Agricultural Sector: Loans provided to farmers in Mon State

14 August 2022
2022-08-14 15:54

Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank (MADB) provided monsoon agricultural loans for the year of 2022 to the farmers in Chaung Sone Township of Mon State.
The MADB loans amounting to 15.4 million Kyats for 1,003 acres of paddy field to 134 farmers from Kalawt Village. The farmers who have already paid off the previous loan will be entitled to receive the loan.
The interest rate is set at 5 % per year. According to the MADB in Chaung Sone Township, totally, a total of 4,136 farmers from 46 villages for 28,504 acres have already received the loan till the 12th of August.
Under the instruction of Mon State Government, the distribution of fertilizers produced by Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise (MPE) at fair prices for the first time for monsoon paddy plantations and plots will proceed soon.
The fertilizers for paddy plantation and rice seed production will be distributed for 7 times within Mon State from August 2022 to February 2023.

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