Agricultural Development: Smart Villages With Multi-Level Advanced Method

28 June 2022
2022-06-28 12:53

In Myeik District of Tanintharyi Region, agricultural smart villages using multi-level advanced method have been established and the production of high-quality seedlings has started. In the district, the system was implemented in one village each of  Tanintharyi, Kyun Su and Myeik townships. According to the official from the department of agriculture, with the use of multi-level advanced method, over 42,000 acres of monsoon paddy, over 37,000 acres of rubber, 5,129 acres of palm-oil crops, 5,275 acres of plants and 1,223 acres of vegetables cultivated.

Officer, Department of Agriculture (Myeik Township), Win Myat Soe said “We initiated this system aiming to help other villages understand the scientific farming activities and practice it. This process has been launched since 2017-2018 fiscal year and those smart villages are using only the high quality seedlings. As a result, the production rate and the income of the farmers are on the increase. As the soil laboratory tests are being undertaken in the smart villages and raise awareness about the soil test among the farmers and growers to understand the scientific farming.”

Agricultural products from those smart villages can now be safely consumed because the farmers and growers use the safe pests prevention methods.

In Myeik Township, 50 acres of high-quality seedlings have been cultivated with a 3-year plan for the coverage of domestic consumption.


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