89th Session of INTERPOL GA: Myanmar delegation attended 3 day general assembly in Turkey

29 November 2021
2021-11-29 11:29

A Myanmar delegation led by Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Chief of Myanmar Police Force Lt-Gen Than Hlaing attended the 89th Session of INTERPOL General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey, between 23 and 25 November at the invitation of INTERPOL. Of 194 member countries, the chiefs of police, senior officials, President of INTERPOL’s Executive Committee, general secretary and other officials of 169 member countries attended the event.

On the first-day session, the leaders discussed the increasing transnational crime around the world day to day, enhancement of cooperation in the fight against cybercrime and terrorism and adoption of proper high techniques in exchange of information. Then, Myanmar participated in secret voting for new President and 12 seats of regional committee representatives.

On the second-day session, President of WHO delivered a speech online and the assembly then approved the ways to ease the impacts of COVID-19, conducted secret voting for Federal State of Micronesia, selected the INTERPOL’s governance and the use of information, executive committee members, INTERPOL 2022-2025 Strategic Framework and approved the 14 decisions made at the 89th Session of INTERPOL General Assembly.

On the third day of event, INTERPOL signed agreement with AMIC, OIE and IACP. Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Lt-Gen Than Hlaing separately met with President of INTERPOL’s Executive Committee and General Secretary.

Moreover, he also met with Police Inspector General of UAE, Alternate President of INTERPOL 2022-2025, Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, Deputy Minister for Public Security of Viet Nam including other police chiefs of China, Inida and Thailand, and discussed the cooperation between the police forces and enhancement of collaboration in the fight against the crimes.

As Myanmar Police Force joined the 89th Session of INTERPOL General Assembly, it can improve the sector of police force in capacity building training of INTERPOL and cooperation works among the police forces. The Myanmar delegation arrived back at Yangon International Airport on Saturday evening.


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