3rd photo exhibition: Anaggha Yandana Myay photo exhibition in Mrauk-U

21 May 2022
2022-05-21 08:47

Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture U Ko Ko attended the opening ceremony of third photo exhibition featuring the distinctive MraukU, Anaggha Yandana Myay photo exhibition held for the public at U Ottama hall in Sittway on 20th May.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Union Minister called on the government bodies and the local people to work together for MraukU to be listed on World Heritage List.

There are two World Heritage sites in Myanmar (ancient Pyu cities and Bagan), and efforts are being made to make MraukU become a World Heritage Site, he said.

“MraukU cultural area is valued by the whole Rakhine people; It is a sacred place for Buddhists, as well as a cultural heritage area that reflects the socio-economic life, culture, religion, politics, artistic strength and patriotism passed down from generation to generation.

Under the guidance of the Union Minister, Rakhine State Chief Minister Dr Aung Kyaw Min said Mrauk-U Cultural Heritage Area is the heart of the whole Rakhine State, and necessary cooperation is being carried out by the state government.

-- End --