Terrorist Attack: Monk killed in terror incident

18 April 2024
2024-04-18 19:57

The PDF terrorists are committing destructive activities in some regions with the support of the so-called NUG and CRPH terrorist groups such as threatening, looting and harming the civil servants, administrative bodies, innocent civilians and Buddhist monks.
On Thursday morning, PDF terrorists launched attack at a praying ceremony held at the cemetery of HtaukKyantKwin Village, Taungtwingyi Township of Magway Region.
Due to the attack, ThiriMarlar monastery presiding SayadawBhadandaPyinyavansa of WahThonePyu Village passed away and Aung MyaySasana Monastery Presiding SayadawBhadandaKundalazoti of HtaukKyantKwin Village was injured and transported to the Taungtwingyi People’s Hospital to receive medical treatments.
The security forces are conducting necessary security operations with the collaboration of the local residents to arrest the terrorists who lawlessly committed unacceptable terror acts as soon as possible.

-- End --