Ship involved in search for plane debris departs Jakarta

11 January 2021
2021-01-11 14:37

One of the ships involved in a search operation for a crashed Sriwijaya Air jet, which disappeared minutes after taking off, docked in Jakarta on Monday. The search for the black boxes of the plane intensified to boost the investigation into what caused the jet carrying 62 people to drop at high speed into the Java Sea.

The Air plane disappeared minutes after taking off from Jakarta, during heavy rain on Saturday, and the search so far has yielded plane parts and human remains but no sign of survivors. Authorities have said signals from the boxes containing the cockpit voice and flight data recorders were detected between Lancang and Laki islands in the Thousand Island chain just north of Jakarta's coast. More than a dozen helicopters, 53 navy ships and 20 boats, and 2,600 rescue personnel have been searching since Sunday and have found parts of the plane in the water at a depth of 23 meters, leading rescuers to continue searching the area.

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