Illegal Trade Prevention: Inspections of trucks at Magway Cargo Bus Terminal

14 August 2022
2022-08-14 16:11

Inspections are being carried out at the highway Cargo Bus terminal in Magway Township of Magway Region with the aims of ensuring that there are no illegal goods in the trucks passing through the township.
The Magway Cargo Bus Terminal was set up on the 21st of January 2022, and crossing the Terminal, over 150 to 200 cargo trucks are transporting goods every day. The Cargo Bus terminal is located about 3 miles away from Magway Township and was built at a cost of over 180 million kyats.
Kyaw Thu, Executive Officer, Magway Township Development Committee said "Most of the Cargo-trucks that pass though Magway are from Yangon Region, Mandalay Region and Shan State. These trucks are also unloading goods in Magway and continue through Minbu, Pyawbwe and Minhla townships to reach Rakhine State. The main purpose of this Cargo Bus Terminal is to prevent illegal trade by cargo trucks."
It’s reported that the Magway Cargo Bus Terminal can prevent the flow of illegal trade and reduce traffic jam in the Magway Township.

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