AA Insurgents' Attack: Bengali villages in Rakhine State devastated

14 April 2024
2024-04-14 09:43

In Buthidaung Township of Rakhine State, some Bengali villagers lost their lives in attacks by AA insurgents.
On April 12th, the AA insurgents launched assaults on Bengali villages, including Kuntaing, Ywet Nyo Taung, and U Hla Pe Villages, around 3:30 pm. Around 15 bombs exploded in the villages, accompanied by a raid by the AA utilizing over 100 members.
As a result of the attacks, numerous religious edifices, residential homes, and shops were damaged by fire, prompting Bengalis to flee from these villages and nearby areas to Buthidaung Township.
Local residents strongly condemned the acts of the AA insurgents, labeling them as terrorist acts, despite the insurgents' claims of acting in the interest of the region.

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