World Bamboo Day: Celebration Held In Yangon

18 September 2019
2019-09-18 16:11

Along with the promoting of Myanmar’s Bamboo Industry, the fourth times celebration of World Bamboo Day was convened at Yangon University Art Hall on Tuesday.

The event aimed to raise awareness on the usefulness of bamboos, boost the plantation and production. It also hopes to promote the control of Myanmar bamboo qualities, and raise the public awareness on bamboo plants.

The Chairman of Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association said that bamboo industry has gained more public interest since after the third celebration, and efforts are being made to expand the bamboo industrial sector.

Chairman, Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association, Kyaw Thu said “As we are now trying to promote bamboo industrial sector in Myanmar, we believe that there can be expanded many Bamboo plantations, preservations, constructions, production of value-added handicrafts and industry Bamboo in next three or five years.”

The Chairman also pointed out that the preservation of bamboo plantations and production of bamboo shoots are needed to practice systematically.

This year, the World Bamboo Ambassadors from the entities of India, China, Indonesia and Thailand shared the experiences and discussed the matters on Myanmar Bamboo Sector on the Move.

Founder, Rhyzome Design Ltd, India, Dr. Rebecca Reubens said “There have been a lot of developments within Myanmar and in Yangon is the fact seen a lot of new design shops like this called Hla Dal and you know all of them which are opening up. So, I think that Yangon has the growing interesting design and I think that of course the way forward is enterprises which look at design and sustainability.”

About 20 booths of bamboo products including handicrafts, foodstuffs, modern public space designs and many more from regions and states were displayed at the event.

Participant, Inle Traditional Bamboo Handicraft Shop, Ko T2 said “The bamboo products like watch, lamp, tray and many other bamboo handicraft products are exhibiting here and I’m going to strive in producing more value-added handicraft products by using good quality bamboo effectively.”

As being the possessing of third largest bamboo forestry in the world, there are 102 bamboo species of 21 bamboo sorts growing in Myanmar. Among them, about 18 useful species for the economy are persisting in Myanmar according to the standardization of International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR).

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