Viet Nam National Brand Value Reaches 431 Bil USD

25 October 2023
2023-10-25 15:56

Vietnam's national brand value has increased by 11% in 2022, from 388 billion USD to 431 billion USD, representing a one-level increase. Vietnam now ranks 32nd out of the top 100 strong national brands in the world.

Vietnam's growth rate in national brand value continues to be seen as a positive aspect of the global development of national brands.It holds the record for the highest value growth among national brands worldwide from 2019 to 2022, with a remarkable increase of 74%.

In 2019, Vietnam's national brand was valued at only 274 billion USD by Brand Finance. This significant increase in brand value reflects Vietnam's reputation as a secure and stable investment destination, prompting many manufacturers to consider relocating their operations to Vietnam.

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