US COVID-19 cases surpass 3.1 million, rise by over 50,000 per day over past week

10 July 2020
2020-07-10 14:10

The number of COVID-19 Cases in the United States had reached 3.1 million, a tally by Johns Hopkins University showed on Thursday. Meanwhile, the national death toll reached 133,195.

Over the past seven days, the United States has seen an average of more than 52,000 new confirmed cases per day, up 20.3 percent from a week ago. Coronavirus infections are surging in several southern hotspots including California, Texas, Florida, Louisiana and Arizona, while the pandemic has almost entirely receded from its former epicenter in New York and the northeast. Several states have been forced to suspend their reopening processes or even reverse course, with some ordering bars to close again.

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