Sino-Myanmar Border Trade: Over 30000 Tons Of Sugarcane Exported To China

15 March 2022
2022-03-15 14:16

In Myanmar, the period between November and April is the harvest time of sugarcane. Recently, the export demand for sugarcane has relatively risen in Myanmar.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities from Linchang of Yunnan Province and Chinshwehaw in Kokang Self-Administered zone in Shan State held coordination meeting to tackle the sugarcane import/export issue, approved the procedures of separating people and goods, transporting goods as per road sections and managing blocking the road etc. and opened green route for the vehicles which transport sugarcane and gives the fast and smooth pass service for transporting sugarcane from Myanmar.

This year, totaling 3831 vehicles transporting 37400 tons of sugarcane into China could pass the Chinshwehal border gate. In addition, the Kyinsankyawt border gate closed for over a week could be reopened in the afternoon on March 12.


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