Retail Summit: 2-Day Expo Held In Yangon

7 February 2020
2020-02-07 16:38

Myanmar’s first Retail Summit & Expo 2020 was opened to the public at Fortune Plaza in Thaketa Township of Yangon Region on 7th February.

Myanmar Retailers Association organized this event to create a better retailing environment in Myanmar. The expo also aims to get market penetration and to promote business development in Myanmar.

Vice President, Myanmar Retailers Association, Naing Lin said “The entire objective of the expo is to bring together all retailers in Myanmar at one place and to exchange knowledge. Many retail experts, successful players in the retail industry, leaders of foreign retail business will discuss their different view and concepts at the event. The retailers can get beneficial information from professional experts, make useful contacts with suppliers and get market penetration through our expo.” 

In the public portion of the Expo, the entrance is free for the public. Over 150 booths are exhibiting and selling food and beverages, fashion, retail support, home appliance, cosmetics, mobile and IT, educational service and many more items at bargain prices for the consumers.

Founder's 3rd generation, U Kar Ka Company, Nilar Sein said “Our company was founded since 1928. Our company initially produced green tea and later, we extended to produce pickled tea. Tea leaf is one of the natural resources in Myanmar and only Myanmar people eat pickled tea salad in the world. So, we launched the new products such as healthy pickled tea, sushi pickled tea, pickled tea apple salad, pickled tea avocado salad and many other more to get foreign market penetration.”

Area Manager, BreadTalk Myanmar, Honey Soe Nyein said “Our, BreadTalk distributes many kinds of bread as well as cakes. The BreadTalk was launched in Myanmar two year ago. Now, we are planning to open more shops across the country. I think- we can learn international distribution system and advertise our brand to the public through such kind of Expo.”

This Expo also includes the conference titled “Unleashing the Retail Potential” where about 20 professional experts hold talks relating to the retail industry. The event is set to be held for two days till the 8th February from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

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