Residents evacuate Tagaytay as volcano billows

13 January 2020
2020-01-13 11:39

Philippines' Taal Volcano in Batangas province continued to spew a cloud of ash on Monday. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, but authorities scrambled to evacuate more than 6,000 villagers from an island in the middle of a lake where the volcano lies, and tens of thousands more from nearby coastal towns, officials said. The volcanology institute raised the danger level around Taal three notches on Sunday to level 4, indicating "a hazardous eruption may happen within hours or days".

Fallen ash covered the runways at Manila's international airport Sunday night. All departing and arriving international and domestic flights were suspended "due to volcanic ash in the vicinity of the airport" and nearby air routes, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines said.

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