Promoting Tourism: Saung Oo Festival to be held at Ngapali beach

7 October 2022
2022-10-07 14:56

The Saung Oo Festival will be held at the Ngapali beach in the beginning of November this year and the hotels will be opened more than the previous year to promote the tourism industry in Rakhine State.

According to the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism in Rakhine State that they have planned to arrange mini-marathon and bike race to be included in the festival as a fun. With the supervision of Rakhine State Government, the Festival will be organized by the relevant departments and organizations.

The festival is a trait for the visitors to be able to pay a visit to Ngapali beach starting from the opening season. In the previous year, 79 hotels were opened in the whole Rakhine State and of them, 38 hotels were opened at the Ngapali beach.

Efforts are being made to be able to open all hotels in Rakhine State in this year. This year, Man Aung Island is arranged as a new destination for visitors and also has arranged to visit around the island by speed boats.

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