Promoting preservation of snow Shan tea through tourism

1 June 2023
2023-06-01 10:55

The mountain areas in the Northwest of Vietnam are famous for the traditional Snow Shan tea tree. The tea plant is tall, but the branches are small and brittle, so people often cut down the trunk to harvest instead of climbing.

As a result, many tea trees are cut down and were unable to recover. Therefore, tourism companies in Lai Chau are making efforts to conserve these tea trees through agricultural tourism. Travelers who visit Lai Chau in spring are very likely to see people harvesting Snow Shan tea at an altitude of 2,000 meters or more.

Lai Chau traditional tea is speculated to be thousands of years old, scattered throughout the Hoàng Liên mountain range. In recent years, districts have begun to focus on infrastructure to transform traditional tea planting areas into tourist destinations.

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