Memorable Weekends: Secretariat To Be Opened To Public For 3 Unforgettable Weekends

10 September 2019
2019-09-10 15:37

The Secretariat Yangon will open its doors to the public for three unforgettable weekends with the free entry for everyone this September.

A press briefing for this event was held at the Secretariat Building in Yangon on Tuesday. Built and completed 120 years ago, the Secretariat has witnessed the shaping and transformation of modern-day Myanmar. Though associated with some of the most pivotal events in the country's history, the Secretariat puts on a more optimistic countenance as it embraces its indelible role in these events. The three for free weekends at the Secretariat also hopes to link the gap between the past and present generation of Myanmar.

Commercial Director, The Secretariat Yangon, Mr. Steven Stubblefield said "We at the Secretariat are getting ready to transition from a renovation site to a site that is open to the public. The East wing that we are in now the renovation has finished on it and we are starting to fit out for re-tell stories and such. So, we want it to have an event and invite the general public to come in have a look at the place, enjoy, come explore shop and enjoy what is here."

The three themed-weekends - the first weekend to explore the Memories will start from 14th and 15th of September. The second weekend to shop at the Secretariat will be from 21st and 22nd of September. The third weekend to share the moments with friend and families at the Secretariat will be from 28th and 29th of September.

Commercial Director, The Secretariat Yangon, Mr. Steven Stubblefield said "...the first weekend we are going to have two different collections on display here. One of all heritage items from the British colonial area. The other one is historical photograph of the period from 1900 to 1930 or 35 that shows Rangoon and the rise of Rangoon. On the second weekend we are trying to encourage shopping experience. We are going to have a Seasonal Clearance Sale from a group called SMI which is going to have ladies named brand cosmetics, ladies named brand favorites, ladies named brand clothing and ladies named brand handbags. We also have a group that are selling made in Myanmar products on site. On the third weekend we are building an around family and friends. On the third weekend there will be opportunities for story-telling for children, places for children to have fun to color and play games...  "

Chief Editor & Co-founder, For Her Myanmar, Nilar Myint said “For Her Myanmar will participate and showcase the sale booths with brands under the title of 'sharing is caring' on 28th and 29th of September. About 40 sale booths will display. There will also be discussions, entertainments and gaming activities. During the sale, 20% of the proceeds are going to go for the flood victims relief.”

The Three for Free Weekends at the Secretariat events will also run a selfie-contest to encourage sharing of the experience on social media. Special prizes await the selfies that would be chosen for their content, relevance and creativity by simply using the hash tag #secretariatselfie to join the contest.

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